Head of Intango AdTech Accelerator. Co-Founder and CEO at BookingDirection

Entrepreneur. People manager. Results-oriented executive. Extensive hands-on experience as a VP Product Management, VP Business Development and VP Marketing. Technology background. Registered two patents. Proven track record in successfully defining and launching innovative and disruptive products and large-scale cloud SaaS solutions. Founded three companies and sold two.

I’m a proud father of three. I love what I do. I love the internet, I love to innovate and I love working with people.

I got my first computer when I was 10 years old. It was a Sinclair Spectrum 16K (yes, I know, I’m getting old…). I invented my first invention when I was 13 years old, but did nothing with it. The company who invented it 15 years later made a fortune, and I promised myself not to kill my (and other’s) dreams in early stage ever again. Since then I did few things, and here’s

My background, briefly:

Born in Israel, 1974   /   Amateur photographer   /   Bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B)   /   Java Developer at SAP /   Senior Product Manager at SAP  /   Decided to follow my dreams and found my own start-up   /   Founder and VP Marketing, BizDev and Product at Kampyle (Acquired by Medallia) /   Board Member at Kampyle   /   Had tons of new and innovative ideas and decided to hit the road again  /   Founder and CEO at WildAddax /   Mentor at The Founder Institute, Startup bootcamp, StarTau , The Elevator  and Venturegeeks   /   Advisory Board Member at Folloyu /  Declared myself a business consultant and started Businessify /  Founder of 3DPrintingModel (Acquired by Modelyst) /  Founder and CEO at SeatID  /  Pivoted SeatID into BookingDirection  /  Founder and CEO at BookingDirection   /   Head of Intango AdTech Accelerator.

• General Management
• Product Management
• Marketing
• Business Development
• Strategy
• Web
• Mobile
• B2B
• B2B2C
• SaaS
• Cloud
• Enterprise Software
• Social Networks
• Travel Technology
• eCommerce
• AdTech

My background in a linear way:

Currently I’m:
  • Co-Founder and Board Member at Kampyle (Acquired by Medallia). Also served as VP Marketing, VP Product and VP Business Development.
  • Founder and CEO at 3DPrintingModel (Acquired by Modelyst Inc.)
  • Mentor at various accelerators including The Founder Institute, Startup bootcamp, StarTau, The Elevator and Venturegeeks.
  • Senior product manager at SAP
  • Java Developer (+other positions) at SAP

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Law (LL.B) from the Academic Center of Law and Science.


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